Outdoor Health Symposium 2021

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  1. The Event Organiser (AABAT and the Outdoor Healthcare Group) has all rights to film, photo and video production of this event to use at its discretion (eg: social media, website etc). It is the responsibility of the purchaser to advise the event organiser upon attendance if they do not want images of themselves to be used, and to take responsibility for removing themselves from appearing in photo’s/video etc.
  2. The Event Organiser reserves the right to change the line-up/program without notice.
  3. The Event Organiser does not offer refunds for the following reasons:
  • Failure or inability to attend the event
  • Change of mind
  • Late attendance
  • Refused entry or eviction from the event
  • Changes/alterations to the line-up/program
  • Event dissatisfaction
  • Severe weather – this is an all-weather event, no refunds will be made if you choose not to attend due to inclement weather.
  1. The Event Organiser may offer discretionary refunds for extenuating circumstances relating to health or personal reasons. Supporting documentation, such as a medical certificate, may be requested. Full refunds include the value of the ticket only.
  2. Covid Policy. Due to the uncertainty surrounding interstate travel as our borders open up more and more, we have a contingency plan to mitigate risk in this area by planning the National Forum & Symposium with a baseline budget and line up of presenters and facilitators that are based in South Australia so that we can still run the symposium and forum if there are border closures. In addition to a secure baseline of SA presenter/facilitators and a budget that can cope with smaller numbers if need be, we will also have additional speakers from interstate who will be engaged on the proviso that they support our Covid contingency policy. Our venue and logistics arrangements will also be based on agreements with providers that support our contingency plan, so that we can still run the events with smaller numbers or postpone dates without penalty. What does this mean for you - It means that you can register for the symposium and forum secure in the knowledge that the event will still go ahead in the case of border closures, and interstate people will be refunded. Airlines now have more flexible policies with regard to travel cancellations due to Covid as well, so you can register for the conference with peace of mind. We look forward to at last being able to meet in person in a Covid safe environment with a Covid management plan that will be designed in conjunction with SAPOL and SA Health.

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