Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy

Communication structure

AABAT members are encouraged to share information and communicate via an Australia-wide electronic newsletter called BAT e-news and via this website. Any person of the BAT community may submit items for inclusion in BAT e-news by following these steps:

  1. Send your news item to your regional representative
  2. Your representative will forward the item to an appointed BAT e-news volunteer for collation
  3. The item will either be added to the AABAT website or sent out through BAT e-news

Note: Where information is of a personal or profitable nature, your representative may opt to circulate the item to the whole committee (made up of the office bearers, state and IATC representatives) for a final decision about its inclusion in the next BAT e-news. In this case, your representative will keep you informed on the progress of your news item.