Ethical Principles

In consultation with the BAT community, AABAT Inc. have developed the following set of ethical priciples. We encourage organisations to take these principles and expand on them and document how they enguage with each principle in their particular context.

BAT practitioners work towards:

  • Positive regard for all people

  • Respect for differences in culture, gender, age and identity

  • Strong family and community connections

  • Transparency, Informed consent, Confidentiality

  • Voluntary participation (within the confines of service type)

  • Selection for ‘readiness’ to participate

  • Attention to individual and group needs and hopes

  • Supportive physical, psychological and social environments

  • Tailored adventure experiences

  • Provision of options and choices (including supported exits)

  • Respect for cultural custodianship of country

  • Increasing self awareness and reflexive practice

  • Safety and no harm to self, others or natural environments

It is our intention that in the future we can share here, examples that illustrate and explore these principles in detail. If you would like to contribute to this effort, we encourage you get in touch with us. We can offer you support in writing up your examples, stories and ideas to share here and through our enewsletter!