AABAT AGM: Special Business

The AABAT Committee are gradually progressing the intended actions of the association. One intention is to become a stronger voice advocating for high quality bush adventure therapy practices at various systemic levels in Australia. Following consultation with a number of policy makers, we have been recommended to form an arm of AABAT that will work on establishing an advisory role to Government in relation to uses of BAT within healthcare across the spectrum of age and need. It was proposed that such an arm be named more congruently with current state and federal policy priorities. For example the descriptive phrase 'integrative outdoor healthcare' has been suggested because it is easily identifiable under a health portfolio, yet retains some common elements of BAT practice. In this AABAT see less importance in the actual name chosen than the formation of an arm of the association that has the flexibility and mandate to provide Government with advice on uses of BAT across the spectrum of need, and provides the BAT field with practical, programmatic and organisational resources.

Item for special resolution:

The following resolution will be voted on at the upcoming AGM held at the Stanwell Tops Conference Centre (NSW) as part of the 8th International Adventure Therapy Conference, August 30th 2018.

The AABAT committee move that the committee be given the mandate by AABAT's members to:

  1. form an arm of the association for the purpose of research, advocacy and policy work;
  2. form a partially independent working group to progress this arm, who will report to the AABAT committee;
  3. name that arm appropriately to demonstrate BAT's alignment with current state and federal policy priorities, including registering that name as a trading name of the association;
  4. adjust the AABAT constitution accordingly to recognise this arm within its structure.
Please either vote for or against this motion for special resolution.
This 'comment' section is for you to optionally give information to the attendees of the AGM about why you have voted for or against this motion. It is also a section in which you can request the assembled members to consider a question you have about this resolution. Or to make a statement about your position in relation to it. Whatever you put in this section (unless it is offensive or defamatory) will be read to the assembled membership at the AGM.

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