Bush Adventure Therapy (BAT) 101 Queensland

Date/s: 23/10/2017 9:00am - 23/10/2017 4:00pm
Contact Person: Bryn Dunlop
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Are you interested in finding out more about the field of bush adventure therapy?
Representatives of AABAT will deliver this one-day workshop in Brisbane!

It will provide an introduction to bush adventure therapy history, definitions, research evidence, theories, principles and practices. An overview of Australian BAT programs will be provided, including the range of target groups, models and practice frameworks that exist, and a closer look at some key program examples. Commonalities and diversities will be discussed, along with an introduction to ethics, safety and use of therapeutic frames. A resource folder of readings and contacts will be provided.

No prior experience is necessary, just a sense of adventure and some comfortable clothing.

This AABAT event is being supported by Griffith University as part of its commitment and connection to BAT as a field of practice. The School of Human Services and Social Work is also currently working towards providing greater opportunities for staff and students to engage with BAT training and professional development opportunities in addition to integrating BAT approaches into the curriculum.