Art and Bush Adventure Therapy

Date/s: 19/05/2018 10:00am - 4:00pm
Contact Person: Michael Naismith
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A collaborative day

Due to positive feedback on this subject, the AABAT committee is excited to facilitate a day on May 19th (in Victoria) that looks at how art can be incorporated into bush adventure therapy or other similar practices. We will be exploring question such as: when and how does it work best? When it doesn’t work and when to avoid it? What forms of art can be used? In what ways art can be creted and the different therapeutic outcomes that can be achieved?

The day will be one of sharing so we ask folk to bring their stories, ideas, photos, and artwork to share. If you are completely new to the area but want to know more….. we’d still love you to come along.

We are also looking for a few people to run some short workshops throughout the day. If you have some experience with using art in nature please contact .

Food: lunch provided – come prepared to chip in and help with preperation

What to bring: yourself, any examples or materials you might like to share, comfortable clothing to suit the weather  and spend time outdoors.

Location: Mt Atkinson Community centre (near Rockbank, Vic)

Registration Fee: $15.00