Kym Gibson – Western Australian Representative

Kym Gibson

Western Australian Representative


About Kym

I am a mother of 2 young children and am passionate about providing opportunities for families to disconnect from their everyday lives, to reconnect with family and strengthen relationships, through Adventure Therapy, camp experiences.
My favourite place to unwind is in nature and somewhere there is water. My love for nature and water came from growing up in the South West, of Western Australia, camping on the white beaches and fishing for dinner (when catching fish was easier) 😉 This was a family tradition until we moved to Perth and got busy with life in the city.
After meeting my husband I have rediscovered my inner calling to come back to nature, its always been there but somehow I got lost along the way. This year I was at Outdoors WA symposium at heard through Tonia about the 8th International Adventure Therapy Conference in Sydney, came home and told the husband I have to go. What an experience this was. I met so many amazing people who are all wanting to make a positive impact in our world and I finally felt like I had found my people. This group understand me. Now here I am, a Committee member/representative for Western Australia. My aim is to connect people with Adventure Therapy in WA, create a collaborative network and promote awareness awareness of what is happening in our state.
See you somewhere in the outdoors.