Ken Jones – South Australian Representative

Ken Jones

South Australian Representative


About Ken

Ken was fortunate to join many family hunting and fishing trips along this coast, beach combing, gathering shellfish and bush tucker, researching Bush Medicines and growing a native fruit orchard. His work and volunteer career spans commercial fishing, environmental building, habitat restoration, and field and bird surveys. Married with four active boys of his own, he is ever keen to inspire a strong sense of adventure with no fear of failure. From the family property near Port MacDonnell, Ken now leads “Bush Adventures” sharing and guiding Educational excursions along the Lime-stone Coast and Glenelg River areas. Still hunting and gathering, traditional fishing, ever curious, encouraging others to appreciate the bush and seeking those special delights. He also works Part time with Flinders’ University as an Aboriginal Health Academic with educational connections on Boandik Country.
“Bush Adventures” especially tailored education sessions aimed to develop participant’s skills in identifying a cultural landscape, their heritage features, recording and assessing their cultural significance and contributing to conservation and management. Through field visits inland or coastal, the sessions also provided knowledge of bush tukka, tradition, artefacts, ceremonies and art and craft and ceremony. We have successfully guided many sessions for primary schools, high schools, educators, health professionals, women’s and men’s groups, mixed age and gender, extra needs and more! Ken leads a small group of participants for a wander around swamp gum habitat, grasslands and coastlines. Here participants learn about the importance of fresh water, significant sites, middens, artefacts, tools, the indigenous animals and plants, bush tukka, legend and ceremony, Boandik seasons, totems, shelter and sustainable hunting and gathering. Ken also introduces a unique way of connecting to country with quiet time and smoke gatherings. Sessions also can be tailored to include some traditional cooking on the campfire with old style recipes.
Ken encourages participants to acknowledge Boandik Country and respect our people of the reeds and rushes, elders past and present and their cultural traditions.