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AABAT Projects Expression of InterestAABAT is an association run entirely by volunteers. While this means that our intentions often progress slowly, when we look back over the last decade, it is quite inspiring how far we have come. AABAT will continue to rely on voluntary contribution from members to progress its intended actions. This page outlines some of our key priorities for the next few years and invites interest from the community to participate directly in the development of Bush Adventure Therapy in Australia.

AABAT are currently pursuing three main projects over the next few years. These are oriented towards: research, advocacy and policy work; accreditation and training; and, communications. AABAT committee and community members have been gradually progressing each of these areas over the last decade, however at this time we are putting the call out for interested persons to contribute to these initiatives. At this stage we are looking for people who would be prepared to put regular small periods of time into progressing these areas. The committee in consultation with interested persons will develop an administrative framework to progress these areas.

Research, Advocacy and Policy Work

AABAT is building an increasing presence in Australia and internationally as an organisation that brings knowledge and resources together for practitioners and organisations that have an interest in using outdoor places for therapeutic ends. We are also increasingly becoming involved in conversations about the relevance of BAT in the area of public health. In its many forms BAT can contribute to the wellbeing of individuals and groups who are otherwise unable to engage with health services. AABAT is investigating an number of key partnerships to increase knowledge about BAT in the public, allied and primary health sectors as well as play¬†an advisory role to Government in relation to uses of BAT across the spectrum of age and need. As well as bringing an item for special resolution to this years AABAT AGM, we want to hear from anyone interested in helping to progress this area of AABAT’s Intended Actions.

Accreditation and Training

While not relevant for all of the BAT community, accreditation is becoming increasingly necessary as a means of quality assurance and benchmarking for some funders and individuals accessing BAT services. While AABAT invite all members to take account of their practices, services and programs – assessing them against the most current research, ethical and professional frameworks – we do not yet offer accreditation to individuals or programs. We are looking for a group of interested and highly motivated people who would like to be involved in progressing the intention establish an accreditation framework for AABAT and its members. PACFA are a likely accrediting body however alternatives will be considered.

Please note that it is our utmost intention not to make any accreditation options exclusive to people who have a more general interest in being members of or connected to the bush adventure therapy field in some fashion.


For quite a few years, we have kept our eNewsletter ticking along in a fairly low key manner inviting general contributions from the field. We would like to begin evaluating our current communications platforms  including social media. With a view putting more effort into developing the newsletter into a really useful resource for the community and investigate the formation of more formal journal that brings together BAT and AT research for the field, we are looking interested and motivated people to progress this intention. Are you someone with editorial, journalistic or academic experience who would like to support this initiative?


Are there other areas with in AABAT’s Intended Actions that you are passionate about and would like to form a working group around?


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