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About the survey

This survey is designed to map the breadth and diversity of BAT services in Australia and build a public directory of services and programs. This survey is a repeat of research conducted in 2007-2008, when AABAT was first founded. This current iteration will provide a snapshot of the field 10 years on in Australia. The survey will be open for three weeks.

Who can participate in the AABAT survey?

If you answer yes to any of the following, then this survey is for you.

  • Are you interested in the health benefits of contact with nature?
  • Do you work in Bush Adventure Therapy or a related field?
  • Do you work in human services, social services, or allied or primary health fields and have an  interest in Bush Adventure Therapy?
  • Do you work in outdoor education, recreation, instructing or guiding and have an interest in Bush Adventure Therapy?
  • Are you looking at Bush Adventure Therapy as a potential area for future employment?
  • Are you a current student interested in the Bush Adventure Therapy field?
  • Have you previously worked in Bush Adventure Therapy or related field, and maintained an interest?

Regardless of your level of expertise or experience we’d love to hear from you!

Who will the AABAT survey benefit?

The survey findings will benefit organisations, services, programs and practitioners by strengthening understanding of the breadth of the field, and AABAT’s ability to advocate for Bush Adventure Therapy at all levels of government.

Results of the survey will be shared online to help potential participants find the right program for them.  

How long does the survey take?

For those who are just interested in finding out more about the field, the survey will take as little as one minute.
For those working in the field, questions will include topics such as qualifications and training, employment history and opinions on Bush Adventure Therapy program components and outcomes. This may take up to 20 mins. You may leave the survey and return at a later time or complete it over the phone with our survey administrator.  
For someone answering on behalf of a Bush Adventure Therapy organisation, the survey will include more topics, such as client group, program model, staff, training and research and evaluation. This could take up to 40 mins. You may leave and return to the survey at any time, or complete your survey over the phone.  

Your privacy

Please read this privacy information prior to starting the survey, don’t be afraid, it is in plain language and brief.